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Because we can never have enough Lains, Kibas, and Shampys!

The ones labeled with double asteriks in red are our absolute top wishlist items.

If you happen to see or have any of these up for sale please contact us through the feedback form.

Although, if it's Shampoo or Lain related, we'd love to hear from you anyways!

Click on attached images to enlarge.

Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Misc. - Cels
**Michiko to Hatchin** ANYTHING from this series! Will Give Kidney
Durarara!- Any sketch of Izaya looking evil. Very High
Ranma 1/2
**Little Hill Road music video** My Shampoo dream cel. Will Give Kidney
I want NEED this cel! Very High
I.. need.. this.. cel just like I need Ryoga flipping the bird cel. Very High
ANY of these Shampoos from the "Wo de Airen" Music Video High
SE: Lain
**Any cel of Masami Eiri** Will Give Kidney
Evil Lain sitting on Alice's bed Will Give Kidney
Alien Lain Very High
Lain in her pajamas *with bear hoodie on* Very High
Big eyed Lain, almost alien-like. High
Chisa da suicide girl High
Smiling Lain from Episode 5 High
The two Lains side by side High

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