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Ranma 1/2 - OVA special

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A big surprise was in store for Ranma fans when it was announced that a new animation was going to be released based on the "Incense of Spring Sleep" story from the manga. In 2008, the episode was released as an OVA special and was completely 100% digital-- so only genga/douga are available to collectors. The new OVA also featured new character designs for the series.
I was lucky enough to end up with a couple of cuts from this special which has proven to be crazy hard to find anything of! There's still a few cuts I wouldn't mind adding in the future should I bump into them.

Fav. genga: Ranma's harem

 Shampoo hugs Ranma

 Akane poisoned

 Ranma and Happosai

 sweet Kasumi


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