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I'll be the first to admit that Shiki doesn't seem like much when you read the synopsis online. Just another vampire anime right? Thankfully, it isn't! In fact, it has no bishies, no sparkles, no love story, or vampiric romanticism here. Just psychotic opportunists, zombies, and lots of blood and gore. Surprisingly, an anime I would otherwise ignore, Shiki fulfilled my needs for a dark, horror that left me wanting with every cliff-hanger episode without the prissy, fussy vampire story. The only fru-fru elements to be found is in Sunako's stylish frills and taste in Angelic Pretty and Metamorphose lolita brand dresses LOL! All and all, I really enjoyed this anime and am thrilled to have found a couple of sketches that struck my fancy!

Fav. characters: Megumi, Yuuki, and Toshio

 Megumi, Yuuki, Touru hanken
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