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NHK ni Yokoso!

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A strange series that had me belly laughing one minute, and bawling the next. My emotions felt as frayed and tampered with watching the show as Sato was in his paranoid, delusional world. It took some hilarious jabs at otaku culture only an anime fan could understand and laugh off. But it also brought to light a lot of serious social issues (like suicide, drugs, anxiety) which kept the series from getting too silly and slap-stick. Although, I do wish it was an extra 2-3 episodes longer to bring it to a fuller conclusion than where it left it. Its so disappointing when studios rush through the end of a show due to budget/time constraints. Sometimes even the best series can fall flat on its face the last few moments.

Nonetheless, NHK made an impression and I spent many nights looking for any sketches from it. I'm ecstatic that all the patience and searching finally paid off and that I now have a few pieces from this very off-beat anime. ^_^

Fav characters: Misaki and Yamazaki

 Misaki (pan)

 Sato grinning


 Suicide club


 Yamazaki and Purin
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