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Ranma 1/2 - Music Video

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The popularity of the Ranma saga led way to a short series of direct-to-video MVs that were never translated or brought overseas. The first two were released early on in the Ranma series in 1990-91 called the Hot Song Contest compilation. It featured almost the entire cast singing a solo song a piece as the Jusenkyo guide and Sasuke hosted and emcee'd the 'contest.' The last MV video released was simply called DoCo, in 1995, featuring the Tendo sisters, Shampoo, and Ranma-chan as an all-girl band on tour. Some of the short MVs from DoCo were doubled-up as openings and endings for the OVAs.

I've only housed those MV cels that were *not* re-used again as OPs/EDs in this section.
Just purely the MV-only cels (yea elitist :P) Some of them are really fun and have catchy beats!
Hopefully Viz will one day license them here. ^_~

Fav cel: Ranma and Ryoga tux cel (ANFS)

 Music Video cel: Ranma and Ryoga

 Music Video cel: Ranma and Ryoga
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