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Death Note

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I absolutely fell head over heels for this psychological thriller! Unfortunately for me, I did so far too late. I can't express how much I lament every opportunity I had to buy really choice shots from the show and flat-out refusing to-- just because I hadn't watched it yet.
Bah! Don't ya hate when you come late to the scene?

One of the many reasons why this show was so brilliant and rich in dialogue and depth was how you could look at from either side of the coin-- whether you were a Light or L fan.
Is it acceptable for a man to murder killers if it involves more killing and in turn becoming a killer?
Is it really just for a system that fails to bring down people that rectify the problems their own ways?
Criminals on death row government has condemned-- are both parties any different in their degree of slain?
Who really is right and wrong?
The series certainly opened up invigorating conversations and debates around the dinner table at my house after every episode. And for that, I deem this brain massage and just flat-out cool anime very high on my list of favorites.

Fav characters: Ryuk and Light

 EGL Misa (w/ bg)

 Mello (w/ bg)

 The park (w/ copy layout)

 Light as Kira (w/ bg)

 Mello eating chocolate (w/ bg)

 L shikishi

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