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Naruto - (Shippūden) Kiba

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Yes, the quest to own them all presses on as my wallet's arteries continue to empty on more Inuzuka gengas. Thankfully, Kiba isn't in Shippūden as much as he was in the original series. So there won't be as many sets to collect.

Before you gasp for air in disbelief that I chose the word "thankfully" in that sentence-- I do enjoy eating real food and buying nice clothes besides splurging it all on $$ gengas LOL!

In any case, the ones that do make their way here are guaranteed to be particulary cute seeing as thou the studly, revamped, ninja is now sans-hoodie for good.

Episodes: 33

Fav set: Kiba portrait

(Note: as with all other Kibas in the gallery, these are ANFS.)

 Kiba and Akamaru (pan)

 Kiba riding Akamaru

 pissy Kiba

 pouty boy!

 Kiba and Akamaru bath (pan)

 bubble bath Kiba (pan)
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