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Naruto - Shippūden

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Almost 3 years later the story continues- Naruto: Shippūden aka the Hurricane Chronicles.
With a new chapter started, comes a more mature cast of our favorite ninjas, as well as new adversaries, missions, and sadly, some lamentable losses too.
I'm very excited that the anime has finally picked up this portion of the manga (what can I say? I'm a Narutard elitist that doesn't bother watching any of the fillers lol!)
Its definitely alot more serious in tone and material than its predecessor series. So far my favorite characters unique to Shipppuden are some of the newer faces of Akatsuki- Sasori, Hidan, and naturally, the artistic Deidara!

I hope you enjoy browsing through this new (and growing) section of Naruto!

Fav characters: Deidara and Hidan


 Shikamaru (pan)

 Team 8

 Kyuubi no Yoko

 Kyuubi rawr!

 Four-tailed Naruto
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