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Here is cel-senpai's collection of Lain sketches he's won in auction lots. Many of them include full sketch set setups like correction layers, layout, and/or dougas. ^_^
Since there are so many in the pile, we've only selected our favorites to scan and show.
Hope you enjoy them!

Fav sketch: Lain upgrading her Navi pan

NOTE: The ones with asteriks (*) in the title are gengas that were drawn by Yoshitoshi ABe.
Aside from being the character designer, he briefly worked on the anime as a key animator for Lain herself and certain episodes.

(Note: Sorry, but all items in this and other Lain categories are ANFS.)

 Chisa and Lain

 Lain shocked

 Lain dissing God.. some more! *


 Split personalities

 Myu-Myu, Masayuki, and Taro
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