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A favorite of cel-senpai's that soon became my favorite too!
In our opinion, BP has got to be one of the most clever-- yet-- sadly, under-estimated animes out there! I'm suprised its not more popular. The storyline is intense, smart, challenging, and incredibly interesting. I think the only downside we both found was how dark the overall anime was (very lil contrast thou the cels are actually more vibrant than they appear in the series.) Other than that, you must all go out and watch it! If you like Lain or Paranoia Agent (in terms of complex story-telling/plot) I guarantee you'll like this!

Fav cel: smiling Saotome and Boogiepop commercial cel

 wishlist Saotome


 Saotome and Moto

 Boogiepop Phantom





 Shizue's mother



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