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Naruto - (early season) Kiba

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Welcome to my retirement savings!

What can I say? I am a sucker for this feral ninja boy!

Yes.. I collect a 'crummy minor character.' But whereas others see him as a 'background fill-in'-- to me, he is the best, the awesomest, kewlest, totally badass, and kewlest character in the series! Did I mention he is kewl? ^_^ So I hope you enjoy this section which is dedicated to my favorite "Naruto" character: Kiba Inuzuka

Sketches are arranged from earliest episode/scene to latest.

Episodes: 24, 26, 44-45

Fav sketch: Kiba yahoo'ing

(Note: Sorry, but all items in this category are ANFS.)

 Kiba and Akamaru (pan)

 Kiba Inuzuka

 Kiba and Akamaru

 Kiba upclose

 Kiba-kun upclose

 More of Kiba face shot
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