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By far the largest and well-known of all the clans, most of Naruto and his team mates are from the Leaf. My favorite leaf kids are definitely Kiba and Chouji (well they have their own sections lol)-- but there are others I love too like Ino, Jiraiya, and Kurenai. Cel senpai's favorites are easily Neji and Shikamaru! ^_^ And we both equally despise Sasuke LOL!

We're *very* selective in this section since there are so many genga choices out there so we usually stick to our favorite characters or pivotal scenes.
I'd like to think it makes us more focused collectors and also lessens the financial pains!

Fav sketch: Akamaru barking and Shika vs Tayuya

 Neji (pan)

 Ninja line-up (pan)

 Hana and the Inuzuka pets

 Hana Inuzuka

 Chuunin Exam (pan)

 chibi Shikamaru
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