Hoodies and Raindrops Cel Gallery


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A list of primo cel collections and favorites.

Favorite RS Galleries - A list of the cream of the crop out there on RS site!

Art Appreciation 101 - Brian has an eye-gasmic collection of original O'Barr (The Crow) paintings and illustrations. Not to mention some smexy original Harley Quinn pieces-- truly this gallery is a must-visit!
Cels of Sugar - Megan has such a cute collection of well.. cute shows!! Her H.A. and Pokemon cels are especially adorable and just plain awesome!
Cenbe - cel-senpai's long lost twin brother aka the most clicked url on our bookmarks! Can't say enough good things about John or his collection.
Cordelia's Cel Cove - A charming collection featuring beautiful Ranma 1/2 and Fushigi Yugi cels.
Drakonia - Where else can you find droolicious Hisoka cels and saccarine-filled Clamp goodness? Look no more! ^_~
Gecko Blue - or otherwise known as Bishie cel drool-fest! P-chan has some incredible artwork from just about every popular Shonen series. ^-^
JWR - My favorite place to browse for hours! The Ryans' collection is as awesome in quality as it is in size. *,* Check out the original comic artwork for some jaw-dropping pieces (and Ranmas too!!)
Katana's Edge - Patricia's RS counterpart with a sampling of her scrumptious collection. Check out her main site too! Her Kenshins are glorious. *_*
Kittyfire - One of the best Utena collections around as well as sweetest curators too. ^_^V
Klet's Island of Misfits - Collette's wonderful collection of Escaflowne, Ranma, Dada cels and-- for the CG crowd-- very large One Piece horde to make you go "Wow!" followed by "thats where they all went" lol! Also look for the fun One Piece gallery themes every month!
Liana's Cel Gallery - More Sasukes than you can shake a stick at! Check out Liana's amazing paper/plastic collection of the angsty Emo along w/ one of the largest Naruto repro collections around.

Non- RS Galleries

Key's Little Cel Gallery - Beautiful overall collection and excellent resource for the newer cel aficionados.


Curator: Shampoo
Gallery Created: 11/11/2003
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