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Ranma 1/2 - Hanken

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DoCo cd: Shampoo hanken
Source: TV
Layers: 1
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Added 8/16/2008
Updated 2/3/2021
OMFG!!! *_______*

A Shampy hanken! FINALLY! At long last... I can truly die a happy Ranma fangirl!

So.. how much do I love this cel? Too much!
Im still in awe and shock I own a gorgeous hanken of my ultimate girl.
This is the 2nd try for one but TOTALLY worth the defeat of the last one and the wait! I adore this image so much more ^__^

Words cant express how gleeful and giddy I feel when I look at her! She really is lovely in person, especially the colors and delicate hand-traced details.
But enough of the mush lol!
Onto some info! XD

This cel was used for the DoCo First cd as a machine-made repro cel (1 of 6) that came tucked into the sleeve as a bonus.
I went ahead and uploaded images of the cd as well as the mini-repro cels that came with it that this hanken was used for.
(Please note the 2nd image is a seller's scan not my own)

*ANFS ever ever ever

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