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"What kinda of boy IS he?!?"
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A3
Standard size

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Added 4/3/2008
Updated 4/3/2008
Wow! Finally a long-haired Akane cel that struck my fancy! *_*
It took years for me to settle on one but I think it was worth the wait. ^_~
I was going to wait longer to update with this one but I need a pick-me-up after being sick for such a long while. :P

From the very 1st episode, Akane is fuming having just walked in on Ranma in the bath AND finding out who she thought was a girl is infact her gender-morphing betrothed. Geez, definetely not one of the better weekdays for her. lol!


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